LOAD MANNA is a all-in-one system designed to deliver a business solution that is easy to use yet delivering powerful tools to exceed the expectations of customers in our ever advancing environments. Taking advantage of today’s technology. 

Can load to:
And Bills Payment, Ticketing, E-GAMES PIN.

 💯Pioneer E-loading Company (Turn 3 Year @ Aug 23, 2020)
 No Tagging( kahit saan makaload basta member ni load manna)
 Market identified
 Product is highly consumable
 Affordable Investment
 Return of investment guaranteed.
 10 years in retail Experience before pumasok sa MLM
 Provide The Fastest all in one loading system (8-15 Seconds Confirmation)
 Enjoy and earn Small capital BIG INCOME using your cellphone.
 Load Manna Apps For Android
 BIG DISCOUNT 3%-6% Every Load to Customer
 Bills Payment
 Dealer To Dealer can transfer Load Wallet
 Text Support 24/7 NO CHARGE.
 Low Capital With High Potential Income
 Online Support We Will Provide The Training and Tools You Need
 Manual Loading With Product Codes If Keypad User Ka.
 Balance Inquiry Free Of Charge
 Can Sell/Send Activation Pins
 We Have Our Own Server 24/7 Operated.
 Real-Time Encashment Of Commission No Need To Wait

The Load Manna Sells Top-Notch Technology Solutions

The Load Manna is an e-commerce store based in Caloocan city of Philippines that provides digital goods loved by the Filipinos. With this e-commerce store, you will discover an all-in-one business solution that is easy to use and made as per the latest technology. The seller also boasts of expanding its reach and accessibility of its products through its partnership with multiple online shopping destinations present along the Philippines region. Moreover, the seller is also known to partner along with various telecommunication brands and sell its product packages through its retail and online stores.

Load Manna to Convert Your Expenses Into Profits

The Load Manna stands among the top reliable seller of digital goods, you will find a wide number of mobile recharge bundles available through its retail and online stores for the convenience of its customers. From call load promos to data load promos to combo load promos, the seller provides wide options for the Filipinos to choose from. Almost all popular mobile service provider including TNT, TM, GLOBE, SMART, SUN and many others are available through the seller’s online store. All kinds of recharge options are fulfilled in the best way through the Load Manna. This one-stop store also makes sure that it includes the most advanced solutions related to its domain of business at the best prices.

Load Manna Online Shop Make its Way to LazMall

As the online loading stations work accordingly for many customers, convenience can be achieved more when people know where to avail these services. This is where the seller group partnership with LazMall comes into play. As the largest online shopping site in country, the group has expanded their services through the portal, not to mention all the deals and promos that give advantages to the users who want to load up. The best price options made available for customers is easy, especially for online load, with LazMall simply giving these options an appropriate platform to showcase their options. The top online store now gives Load Manna more ways to load up your devices, all at the best prices possible.


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